Caring for your China

We want you to treasure our fine bone china products, but also use them whenever you can. However, bone china does need to be given that little bit extra care and attention to ensure it lasts for years to come. We’d love to think our products could be heirlooms of the future!
  • Our products with gold and platinum detailing are not dishwasher proof, as it can be too abrasive on the gilding. We have never experienced any problems with using a dishwasher with any of our other products.
  • When hand-washing use only warm water, as very hot water can cause our gold and platinum detailing to flake away. Use only mild detergents and a sponge or soft dishcloth – do not use abrasive pads!

Most stains can be removed by soaking the item in warm water before washing but here are some handy hints for more stubborn stains that we’ve been told work very well:
  • Mild, diluted bleach prevents the build up of tea and coffee stains. But remember to rinse with clean, warm water.
  • We’ve heard tales of bicarbonate of soda, cream of tartar and ‘Bar Keeper’s Friend’ removing all sorts of stains on bone china…
  • Placing the china in a pan of warm milk for around 30 minutes can repair those fine, spidery surface cracks that sometimes appear in the glaze. If the cracks are only surface deep, they should vanish! (but this is more of a tip for the more antiquated china!)


Our products with a gold or platinum band or detail are not microwave-safe, sorry. But all our other products should be fine. Just remember that extreme temperature changes can cause cracking.