People we like

We're big fans of :


Undergrowth Designs - of the leggy teacup fame

Toby Summerskill - Photographer

Peter Ibruegger - Designer/Artist

Margot Selby - Fabulous 3d Textile design

Design Glut - New York-based Designers

Tom Kaneko - Web design, architecture, music

Kumi Noa - Designers

Kathleen Hills - Designer

Soop Group - Designer

Designersblock - Creative explorers and producers of exhibitions and events

Beyond the valley - Newburgh Street store/gallery and events

Hiddenart - Supports designers and creatives


Designspotter - design blog

Swissmiss blogs

Mocoloco design blog

Grimm++ - Design collective

Hin - Inspirational fine artist

Gareth Neal - Furniture designer

Jon Almond - Bespoke interiors and furniture

Michelle Mason - Designer

Yoyo Ceramics - Designer

Vic Lee - Charming drawings and prints of London's streets

Design Sponge - Fab design and interiors blog