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Client: Vista Alegre Date: 23/05/2016 Category:

Bowls rather than plates, are becoming increasingly prevalent in both restaurants and people’s homes. More common in Japan and Asia, this preference has spread to Europe as dining habits and tastes have become more international. The increasing popularity of healthy dishes too, such as ramen style noodles, soups and salads – which are better served in bowls – has also made bowls the new functional choice.

These factors led to conversations with Portuguese ceramic manufacturer Vista Alegre. The brief was for 5 bowls in a range of sizes that better suit modern dining for the international market.

The design was inspired by ceremonial Rin Bowls used by Japanese monks for their resonant sound, and all five sizes of bowl in this new collection have a distinctive foot that makes them look as if they are floating just above the table. The two smaller sizes in the collection have a ridged texture on their lower surface to give a tactile feel when held in the hand by the diner.

With a carefully considered range of sizes, each bowl in the collection is made to work with our modern dining habits and taste. The smaller bowls are sized for portions of rice and sides, with larger sizes for the likes of noodles, soups and salads. The largest bowl – with its open curved profile – is perfect for framing restaurant style dishes and aims to make a big impression.