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Bespoke Design Service

From our Stoke-on-Trent studio we offer a range of services to galleries, restaurants, bars, private companies and individuals.

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Bespoke Glaze Comissions

Since moving to Stoke-on-Trent in 2012 Reiko Kaneko has been exploring the possibilities of Reactive Glazing on The Potteries’ famous white fine bone china.

After 3 years of research and testing this concept was first launched at London Design Festival in 2015 in partnership with Elementary, a shop based in the Shoreditch Design Triangle.

Having continued work refining glazes and testing new ones we can now create bespoke glaze palettes for shops, galleries and private clients. We have also worked with interior designers to create glazed wares that fit within their existing brief. We can apply reactive glaze to a range of our existing shapes including jugs, vases plates and bowls.

We find the best way to get a feel for the glazes and where you want to take a bespoke project is to visit our studio, where we have hundreds of tests for you to explore . Please contact us for further details on arranging a visit.

You can also browse our currently available and archived glazes on the Studio Glaze pages to gather some inspiration and download our glaze catalogue to see the shapes we have available.

Previous clients include Willer Gallery (UK) and The Whitworth Gallery (UK).

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Bespoke Design & Production for Hospitality

Working with leading chefs and mixologists we have created bespoke shapes to complement their vision for a certain dish or drink. These accent pieces are used by Bars and Restaurants to help differentiate themselves and create a lasting impression with their customers.

Projects typically take 6 months from concept to delivery. We maintain lasting relationships with our clients working on new projects and replenishing existing designs. All pieces are fully manufactured in the UK.

For slip cast fine bone china pieces we work with a local factory 5 minutes from the studio. They are the best at what they do producing beautiful high quality fine bone china.
Past and current clients include The Fat Duck, 69 Colebrooke Row and The Hand & Flowers.

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Design Service for Manufacturers

We accept work on a royalty basis to create production ready designs.

Reiko Kaneko strives for simple, elegant and functional designs, with a specialist knowledge in designing for fine bone china. With a childhood spent in Japan, the country’s appreciation for craft and craftsmanship remains a strong influence over Reiko’s practice.

The design service will generally include helping to refine and focus the brief, generating sketches, models and 3D renders. 3D printed prototypes can then be produced and a final concept presented ready for production.

The company specialises in design for fine bone china production. However Reiko Kaneko also has experience designing for other ceramic materials and in wider disciplines including lighting and furniture design.


Previous clients include Vista Alegre (Portugal), Balineum (UK) and SCP (UK).


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Corporate & Events Gifting

We can provide quantity discounts for our standard range of products for corporate and event gifting.

This service is flexible to suit your budget, and can include gift boxing and personalisation.

Previous clients have included Self Magazine (USA) and Temple St. Clair (USA)

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