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Flavour Boosting Plates, a collaboration with NEFF

Recently we partnered with NEFF to create a unique set of plates that intensify the flavour perception of food.

The inspiration for this collection was taken from Prof. Charles Spence’s research in the field of astrophysics. Looking at various elements that contribute to a memorable eating experience and how the colour, shape, texture and weight of crockery can intensify the flavour perception of food.

“There have been experiments showing that eating popcorn from a blue bowl tastes saltier than from a white bowl. Similarly, when it comes to shape, an asymmetric, angular plate can bring out the sourness and acidity of food much more than a round plate does. Working with NEFF to apply some of these principles to plateware design has been a really interesting challenge and opportunity to see the gastrophysics insights used as inspiration for plateware design creation” Prof. Charles Spence



“Ever since I’ve discovered Prof. Charles Spence’s work, I’ve been fascinated with the different dimensions that impact taste. Playing with colour, shape, and texture with the goal of ultimately influencing how diners will taste food has opened up a lot of creative avenues which are reflected in my designs.” Reiko Kaneko


The exclusive plate collection consists of three plates that have been specially designed to heighten the taste of each stage of a meal, for an ultimate dining experience. You can see the development and process behind each vessel below.

The Starter Plate

Inspired by the energy of the sea waves, this fine bone china plate is designed to intensify the taste of seafood based starters. Reminiscent of the sea world through the white and blue glazing and bearing a rough, fish scale-like texture, this plate heightens the perception of saltiness through its angular shape.

Main Dish Bowl

This angular, black stoneware bowl enhances the sensation of spiciness. The rough, sandpaper texture of the bowl heightens the taste of ginger, making it ideal for serving up dishes like Thai green curries.

Dessert Bowl

Inspired by the shape of a raspberry, this dessert bowl is designed to bring out the fruity flavor of desserts. The pink color boosts the perception of sweetness, whilst the outer, rounded, raspberry-like texture triggers associations with the fruit.

This was an exciting project to be a part of and is something we have really enjoyed; experimenting and trialling the combinations of colour, glaze and form that can be achieved with different glaze reactions and clay bodies.

As Maria Beltrán, Head of Communication NEFF, explains: “We know that people who like NEFF really enjoy experimenting with food, trying out new ingredients and unusual combinations. Gastrophysics has opened our eyes towards a different world of ‘ingredients’ that come into play well after the food has been cooked: the elements that impact how food tastes when it’s being served. We hope that our plate collection inspires passionate foodies out there to be even more adventurous with their flavor experiments”.