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Hula Freedom – Ideas

We recently made some big changes to how you can shop for Hula in our online Store. For ideas of how you can make the most of your new found Hula Freedom here are some of our favourite combinations.

Chain Options

Short chains make for a versatile and subtle necklace.  Options include a fine 16″ 9ct gold chain, 18″ options in gold and sterling silver, and a special 18″ silver snake chain with a square cut finish.

Mix & Match Ideas

With all the pendants available individually, your free to create your own unique combinations. Mix and Match the pendants to fit your style.

To get you started we’ve added a few possible combinations above. But if you want to create your own – just bear in mind our quick set of ground rules.

  1. If you’re putting one inside another, don’t use a gilded Hula. The gold or platinum will wear quickly as an inner pendant. White or glaze is fine.
  2. Small pendants go inside all other pendants apart from Triangle, Pentagon and Medium.
  3. Don’t go heavy on the gold 16″ chain (one small pendant only).
  4. If you want a matching pair for earrings add two pendants to your cart and pick your preferred earrings from the Jewellery page.

Gold and Silver Hoop style earrings. Add just one pendant, two matching or two different pendants.

Create your own perfect set of earrings (fits all pendants sizes accept medium hula).