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Less is More, refining our product lines

I don’t know if it’s because I’m coming out of my maternity leave, getting older or because something is in the air but my recent thoughts have been about a slower pace of life and considered consuming.  My business has to step in line with this as well. The first change is that ‘More is not better’ and increasingly I want to focus and do one thing well.

That one thing is to produce glazed wares in small batches. We’ll be selling our ceramics as they come out of the kiln so look out for updates on instagram and through our newsletters. Our new purpose for the online shop is to refine and reduce the number of items whilst offering choice for gifts and home across all budgets.

This means we wave goodbye to some of our most popular designs like Lip and Drip Tease.

Many people have been asking which items we’ll be keeping on. We intend to offer online:
Studio Glaze on mugs, jugs, vases and vessels.
Hula Jewellery
Dinner Service, Studio Glaze
Breakfast Express
Personalised items
The Boat and colander
Lighting and furniture


And we wave good bye to: