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The Showroom is Open

It’s been just over three years since we moved the studio from London to Stoke-on-Trent. It seemed like a natural choice. Firstly, development in ceramics is a tricky business, especially with the unusual shapes we like to create, and nothing beats face to face contact. The unique ceramic cluster that still exists here with all its associated industries holds a wealth of knowledge and information. It’s as if it’s in the air; casual conversations with printers and glaze technicians can bring to light fascinating techniques. As well as practical trouble shooting – as there is always a problem to solve – you discover a ceramic wizard or two at the heart of British ceramics.

Secondly, it gave us the space to have test kilns and workshop space to really explore the craft of fine bone china and other ceramic bodies. To be involved physically with testing glazes has been really exciting. My training was in conceptual design rather than in ceramics so I came to this industry with little expert knowledge. Everything I know I have learned from established and industrially trained bone china makers, mould makers and model makers. The space here affords me a little freedom to experiment with special finishings and to take care over each glazed piece, a realm usually occupied by studio potters. Moving from the industrial to craft ceramics goes against the traditional path (potters going industrial) but I think it occupies an interesting space between the factory produced and studio finished.

Lastly and simply, I enjoy being in Stoke-on-Trent, seeing what goes on and understanding how things are made. Clients and friends who have come up feel the same and leave quite excited, often amazed at how hands on and labour intensive it is to produce fine bone china. There is a plethora of makers in warehouses, garages and buildings often hidden from view but making first class products. In addition to my studio and workshop I wanted a physical space in Stoke to fully showcase the work we do here, and to be a part of the china trail.

The showroom is by appointment only. Please get in touch before visiting.