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Staff Picks – Our Top Ten

Christmas is fast approaching so at the Reiko Kaneko studio we have compiled some of our current favourites.

The Breakfast Express Train

A hit with children and adults alike. The three carriages are linked by hidden magnets allowing the whole train to be wheeled across your table. It’s the perfect gift! Available as individual carriages or as a set. Shop Here.

The Berry Bowl Colander

Finely cast bone china is shown at its best. Bright white in colour, a tactile matt finish on the exterior surface with hand pierced patterned holes. It’s the perfect bowl for straining and serving berries or fresh vegetables. We also think it would look great on your Christmas Table as a statement piece. Shop Here.

Misty Green Pendant with White Accent Hula

Create your own unique Hula. Combine the fine bone china pendants with the chain or earrings of your choosing and customise to your heart’s content! Alternatively we have many necklace and earring sets already curated for you to choose from. Hula are cast, glazed, cut and finished by hand. One of our favourites at the moment is this Misty Green Pendant with the White Accent Hula. Shop Here.

Kintsugi Fern Verdant Balancing Act Vessel

This Kintsugi Fern Verdant Glazed Vessel makes for a special gift or the perfect statement piece for your home. Balancing Act Vessels are the resulting pieces from a continuation of our signature reactive glazing on crisp bone china and explore the idea of balance and creating movement through the sum of small parts. Individual cylinders are placed one by one in the kiln where under intense heat they fuse together to create a single dynamic piece. Shop Here.

Snowy Mountain Bauble

We’ve got many baubles to suit your theme this Christmas, from soft orange pinks to deep greens and blues. The nature of reactive glazing makes each bauble unique, striking and the perfect finish to your tree. This Snowy Mountain Bauble is one of our favourites with layers of brown and blue reactive glazes creating a snowfall effect. Shop Here. 

Twiggy Snowman Decoration

A hit with children or adults. A fine bone china snowman with real twigs for arms! With a flat bottom it can sit happily as a table decoration, or use the metal loop to hang it on your tree. Shop Here.

Bamboo Sake Set

A great gift for the person who has everything. Three designs of Sake cup, each with an odd slightly unbalanced charm designed to follow the shape of your fingers when held. The Sake decanter follows this language with its sharply contoured body – which makes it easy to pick up and pour from without the need for a handle. Shop Here.

The Cluster Vase

Great way for arranging your Christmas bouquets. The design is based around a cluster of cavities: small bunches will fit into the central cavity while large bouquets can be spread across the whole vase. Its contemporary shape gives presence to any flower arrangement. We’ve found it makes a perfect holder for kitchen utensils, too! Shop Here.

Set of Six Shinrin-Yoku Petal Bowls

These studio glazed petal bowls will add presence to any Christmas Table. The greens and blue glazes bubble in the kiln and pool to create a rich dramatic finish. If you like the Shinrin-yoku glaze you can also find it on jugs, mugs and vases to complete the look. Shop Here.

Personalised Large Mug

Surprise a loved one this Christmas with a personalised message on a fine bone china mug. We have lots of options for personalised ceramics but the large mug is a favourite of ours. Shop Here.