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Stolen Breakfast Express Design

BRX rip off 1

It first came to my attention in June 2016 that a company was selling Breakfast Express knock offs. This particular chain shop had bought the objects from a wholesaler in China. I remember we had sent a set to China from an online order. They must have made a mould from it and made it available to the wholesale market and to retailers all around the world.

Sadly this is a common occurrence in a lot of creative industries for people to steal artists’ and designers’ work to make money. I believe that you can’t be too precious with ideas and creativity as you just have to move on but this very cheap version was a little too close to home.

We’ve legally stopped this shop from selling it further and we did receive some money back, but as always it didn’t cover the legal fees. Unfortunately this copy is still available to the rest of the world as I’m not likely to start a fight in China.

You can see the vast difference between them pictured below. Cast thickly in a cheap Earthenware rather than the Fine Bone China that we use from Stoke on Trent.

The wheels on the train don’t move and are clumsily painted brown.

The space for the egg to sit in is very large, and instead of being connected by magnets it is attached together with pieces of string. (see pictures below)

It is impossible to stop people from stealing designs. We and other businesses work really hard to make beautiful and considered designs, so if and when you can, please support them. All purchases, however small are so vital to the prosperity and survival of small businesses.