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All that is broken is not lost

Coming to London Design Festival 2016 17th – 25th September

Building on Exploring Glaze from LDF 2015, ceramic designer Reiko Kaneko will bring a new collection of unique glazes to this year’s London Design Festival returning to Elementary Store on Redchurch Street as part of the Shoreditch Design Triangle.

The new exhibition All that is broken is not lost combines the best results from a year spent refining her Reactive Glaze process with the best-worst mistakes. Broken pieces lost to the intense heat of the kilns have been carefully restored using the traditional Japanese technique of Kintsugi. The delicate process highlights and accentuates flaws and cracks using lacquer and precious gold. Embracing the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi and an appreciation for the imperfect and the natural, mended pieces come to represent more than their original selves.They help tell the story of all the objects in the exhibition, the rigours of the firing and testing process, and draw attention to the provenance of all the objects broken and unbroken alike.

Event Details:

Elementary Store
77 Redchurch Street
E2 7DJ
+44(0)20 3487 0980

Opening Times:
17th – 25th September 2016
Saturday 17th 11am – 6pm
Sunday 18th 11am – 5pm
Monday 19th – Closed
Tuesday 20th – 11am – 8pm*
Wednesday 21st – Saturday 24th 11am – 6pm
Sunday 25th 11am – 5pm

*The exhibition will open late on Tuesday 2oth along with a number of other venues in the Shoreditch Design Triangle.

A preview of some the Glaze and Kintsugi pieces coming to the exhibitor is included below. Also see our previous post on ‘Best-Worst’ Mistakes.


“Seek out what magnifies your spirit” Patti Smith

Void and Imperfection, Leaving Space for Imagination.

“Pleasure of work, maximum satisfaction. The just price, purchase as an investment. Greatest good for the greatest number.” William Morris

“The precise and perfect carries no overtones, admits of no freedom: The perfect is static and regulated, cold and hard, we in our own human imperfections are repelled, by the perfect, since everything is apparent from the start and there is no suggestion of the infinite” Unknown Craftsmen p120