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Terracotta Fruit Bowl – Slate Grey

Terracotta Fruit Bowl – Slate Grey
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Slate Grey Terracotta Bowl

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Our Terracotta range of bowls were inspired by ancient utilitarian ceramics, especially asian rice bowls, whose forms have a simple honesty. This large fruit bowl was designed with an extra tall foot to help give the impression that the bowl is floating over the table. Available in our slightly opaque white glaze – lightly speckled by the brown tones of terracotta, or in our rich honey glaze which over the terracotta gives rich brown tones. As each piece is hand thrown and glazed to order no two pieces will ever be quite the same. We like this small but perceptible variability which reminds us how it was created. But if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch. Hand Thrown in Suffolk, England.

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Dishwasher Safe


24.5cm di. / 28cm h.

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