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Studio Glaze

Exploring the possibilities of reactive glazing on the pristine white china of the Potteries.

Combining the best of studio and industry Studio Glaze is about creating unique beautiful pieces for daily use.

Some pieces are priced higher due to the multiple glaze firings (at 1080°C) they needed to develop.

Small batches are available where we feel the glaze finish across a group is very similar, otherwise all are individually photographed after their final firing.

Our current range of shapes for the Studio Glaze range is based around our clustered Balancing act vases, 3 sizes of jug and 3 sizes of mug, all made of quality Stoke-on-Trent fine bone china. If you would like to ask about commissioning a bespoke glazed piece please visit our bespoke page.

Studio Glazed Sets

Balancing Act Vessels

Kintsugi Vases




Large Jugs


Small Jugs

Uniques Glazed Items